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物流 play a crucial and integral role in the success of any project. 我们为所有可用的大门提供服务, 一周中的任何一天,在全国的港口, 包括长滩和洛杉矶, 美国最大的综合港口.


总运输服务(澳门金沙网赌娱乐) is a major presence in deep-water harbors and has uniquely positioned to serve all customers, including some of the largest importers and exporters to the United States

Our multiple campuses give us ample holding capability to store your containers and dray them at your convenience. We can also transload your import product and facilitate shipments inland. 我们和你一起工作, 海关代理, and the steamship line to expedite the clearing of your containers so they are delivered for immediate disposition. We use proven surveillance and tracking technology to provide real-time status updates of your freight while in transit and can update your systems through EDI and web transmissions.

澳门金沙网赌娱乐运货马车运送 & 联运 is available to manage container movements at major port terminals throughout the United States. We stay a step ahead for our customers by being strategically located in close proximity of port terminals. 澳门金沙网赌娱乐 provides local and regional drayage such as store door moves. 在加州, 澳门金沙网赌娱乐 operates a totally clean fleet in the Ports of Long Beach, 洛杉矶, 和圣地亚哥. We are compliant with all CA Regulations and meet the current environmental standards in all other Ports.

  • 每天工作20小时,每周工作6天,利用非高峰时段 & 周末开放
  • Omnitracs /高通跟踪 & surveillance of Tractors, GPS tags/tracking on 澳门金沙网赌娱乐 底盘
  • Scheduling drayage deliveries that optimize workforce planning and freight management
  • Ability to facilitate faster freight processing by communicating information electronically with Customers for rapid transfer of data; preparing for API integration
  • 驾驶室iPad平板电脑(MC2) & 基于手机的调度系统
  • TMS (Trinium) integrates with Omnitracs system for real time tracking of cargo and assets
  • Facilities available to store or stage containers and deliver at Customer’s convenience
  • 为港口拖曳提供额外的电力容量.
  • Extended hours in all ports – 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, using off-hour times and weekend gates.
  • Operations are located in the immediate proximity of ports terminals.
  • We are able to claim cargo through the Port Systems on behalf of our customer.
  • Store or stage containers and deliver them at your convenience from one of our facilities.
  • Customer Service Representatives (CSR) actively work to expedite the release of shipments while providing customers daily, real-time updates and accurate tracking of every container from receipt of a delivery order to termination of an empty container.
  • 每周7天,每天24小时现场安保
  • 相机 & 报警监控与数字记录
  • 许可,保税 & 被保险人



总运输服务(澳门金沙网赌娱乐) technology systems provide equipment visibility, 可用性和司机分配. We strive to provide excellent communication for dispatch and drivers to customer service and our customers.


  • 提供实时GPS跟踪拖拉机(司机安全 & 货物)
  • Critical event reporting; in transit observation
  • 每个集装箱的实时更新和准确跟踪.
  • Schedule drayage deliveries that optimize workforce planning and freight management.
  • EDI - Facilitate faster freight processing by communicating information electronically.
  • 文档成像



At 澳门金沙网赌娱乐 we are committed to leaving as small a footprint as possible on our precious environment. That's why we are committed to several ecological goals designed to drastically reduce our operational emissions and subsequent environmental pollution.


  • 100%干净的舰队
  • 完全豁免港口费用(CA)
  • 1st 公司 to place in service 8 x LNG Tractors within the Ports of 洛杉矶/Long Beach
  • 世界上第一辆8级氢/电动拖拉机
  • 多次获得技术利用奖
  • Additional units in 2019 run on alternative fuel (天然气, Battery Electricity and Hydrogen)
  • 100% zero-emission and near-zero-emission alternative fuel fleet by 2020 — LNG, 天然气, 氢/电
  • 智能道路认证合作伙伴(125分)



总运输服务(澳门金沙网赌娱乐) expertise and technology offer superior and secure 底盘 management from Ocean 航空公司 to our Dray 服务 - saving customers both time and money.


  • 我们有能力为客户管理流程
  • 我们租赁超过700个底盘
  • Improve Operating Efficiencies (avoid triangle moves, shortages, lines)
  • 避免运行特性
  • 手机维修服务
  • 减少对环境的影响-不做太多的行动
  • 为受益货主(BCO)提供选择
  • 成本降低(作为辅助转给客户)
  • 保安/ GPS追踪(见上图)


总运输服务(澳门金沙网赌娱乐) operates with its own 底盘 pool and manages it's own mobile 底盘 repair.


  • 底盘是长期租赁和拥有
  • 调度管理机箱的操作流程
  • 成本作为附加费用转嫁给客户
  • The customer is informed of all movement of their containers

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澳门金沙网赌娱乐 is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并得到了无数奖项的支持.


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